Outdoor recreation and relational mentoring to connect with each other and the Creator


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At Sagitawa we are committed to caring for people and connecting them with Christ. Through relationships and programs that both challenge and encourage, we pursue personal growth and a deeper connection with our Creator.

Help us invest in Kids & Youth!

We build quality mentoring relationships, by which we model and teach applied truth.

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Other Ways to Donate

Visa or MC payment information can be made by contacting the office.
Cheques can be mailed to the address below
Cash should not be sent by mail. Please drop off at the camp office in person.
e-Transfers can be sent to office@campsagitawa.ca

Mailing: Po Box 61 Moberly Lake, BC V0C 1X0
Phone: 250-788-2361

Current Fundraising Goals

To raise $113,000 towards General Operations. Though much has happened in the last few years, we have been encouraged and blessed by those in the community who still choose faithfully give. The Board and Staff strive to continue to be excellent stewards of the funds that are donated to camp to accomplish the mission set out before them. 

Would you partner with us and give a donation today?

We continue to stand by keeping camper fees as low as possible. This is made possible by generous donors, those who give monthly and others when they are able. Pray with us in raising the necessary support to keep up with these costs. [All donations are tax deductible.]

Informed Giving
Fund-Raising Principles
  1. This ministry belongs to God. The eternal changes brought about are solely due to him. He has used many people over the years to establish and maintain this ministry but it has never belonged, and will never belong to the society board or the on-site staff. We are merely fellow servants in the work of the Kingdom.
  2. The Lord has apparently chosen to place His approval on the ministry of Camp Sagitawa, not because of anything we have done but because of His mercy; therefore, we will devote every ounce of effort to the task given to us until, either Jesus returns or He chooses to close this ministry.
  3. The Lord provides for this, His ministry primarily through His people; therefore, we will make our needs/obligations known to our membership and constituency. We will never resort to what we consider disrespectful or dishonourable methods of fund-raising even if the needs are serious.
  4. Sagitawa, as a mission with its base directly in the local church, relies extensively on the churches (through their budgets) and the individuals in the congregations to fulfill its obligations.
  5. We will also seek contributions from other interested parties.
  6. We will not operate this ministry in an ongoing deficit. All capital projects will only be undertaken as the finances are supplied. Only interest-free loans will be sought, with the exception of the standing “line of credit” if it is needed for short-term operations, and all loans will be repaid as soon as possible.
  7. We realize that the contributions received are from the Lord. Our obligation therefore, is to spend that money conservatively and wisely as the board determines the Lord’s will in continuing and furthering this ministry.
  8. We do not intend to use vendor’s money and will pay invoices within 30 days wherever possible.
  9. We will not try to raise funds we do not need.
  10. We will never sell, rent or loan our mailing lists to those who wish to use the names and addresses of our supporters.
  11. We will conform to the standards established by the Canadian Council of Christian Charities – the national organization created to assure ethical financial practices.
  12. In summary integrity will govern all aspects of financial practices.
Capital Goals & Special Projects

Current and Future Goals
Since the revenues for Capital rely heavily on donations, the Capital budget is full of unknowns. It should also be noted that the Property Committee has concluded that it is in Camp’s best interest to build quality so as to avoid costly fixes in the future. Our current Capital Goals are as follows.

Capital Projects table

Which Comes First?

Our budget divides our Designated Funds and Capital Goals into two groups: Buildings and Special Projects (larger program development). Unless the campers sleep securely, it’s pointless to invest in a new pier to reposition the jungle swing. Yet it is equally inane to invest in new cabins when no kids are attending camp.

As an organization grows, so does the quantity of things needing attention. The result is that we can no longer afford to sidestep program or building needs for long–and especially so when many of our buildings are showing concurrent signs of disrepair.

We are thankful for the Regional District’s Grants-In-Aid Program. Over the years it has helped us build six boys’ cabins, our climbing wall, a playground, some canoes and kayaks, a tri-maran, several new docks and other equipment. It is currently providing most of the monies needed to start on a new climbing wall project.

Many generous individuals and organizations have also given over the years –for both program and building. We are very thankful for the way that our community shares our vision, generously donating through finance, labour and materials.


Which pocket?

We make every effort to seek capital donations from those who are not already supporting our general fund. Yet seeking a new audience for new ventures is not easy. One of our prayers is to find a corporate sponsor who could help with a lion’s share of the need. This would free up other donations, while at the same time sparking a renewed enthusiasm amongst our supporters.

We are continuing to broaden our horizons as we discuss avenues such as planned giving that deal with wills and estates or special insurance policies. We use online giving, and are working on making donations possible through thebanks.

Special Fund Designations

Though we do carry on other special funds from time to time, we have chosen to publish a more limited list of designations to help the Board have control of the finances. For example, rather than appoint a fund for a pier and another for the waterslide, we make one fund for Special Projects which includes any that we are working on in that particular year. We notify you what particular things we are working on in newsletters and other paraphernalia.

Our regular funds are as follows:


Building Fund

Maintaining buildings is important, but adding new boards to rotten frames is not wise. There comes a time when rebuilding is important. At Sagitawa, we have hit the point where several of our buildings need to be replaced concurrently. Our need is for $1.5 million just to get us through the immediate hump. Our list of current goals is available online.


Bursary Fund

Our Bursary is set up to assist students in returning to school. Some staff come for the summer, knowing that they are giving up a possible summer job. We are praying for $45,000 each year to help these staff to return to school. We can help.


General Fund

The average age of our support base has grown, and as a result we have an increasing need for renewed vision among a younger support base. We are praying for 200 donors to give on a monthly basis with amounts of $10 to $100 a month.


Special Projects Fund

Special Projects usually take the form of larger program items. They may be related to new SWAT canoes, or an outdoor basketball court, or a new mountain bike park on our hill. Our list of current goals is available online.



We accept sponsorship donations to help kids who would otherwise not be able to afford coming to camp. Parents are asked to suggest how much they can afford in their application. Perhaps they will be able to give back to help other kids attend in a future year.


We also invite you to donate to any of our Wish List items. You can link to our current Building goals, Special Projects goals Wish list items online.

Giving in Memory or Honour Of

Is there someone you would like to honour by giving a gift to Camp Sagitawa? You may do so by sending a note to the camp office with your special donation. But you may prefer to print the card below and send it in. We wish to honour your wishes regarding your donations. If you have other areas you would like to donate to in memory or in honour of someone who was significant in your life, please call the camp office and discuss it with us. We can help by discussing our current needs and goals.

Giving in Memory or Honour Of

Planned Giving

Here are a few ways for a low or average income earner to plan to give more substantially. (Info gleaned from this excellent website.)

  1. Bequest
  2. Cash or Securities
  3. Life Insurance
  4. RRSPS or RRIFs
  5. Annuities
  6. Charitable remainder of trusts
  7. Residual interest
  8. A gift in memory of a loved one
  9. Real estate
  10. A gift to honour someone
  11. Special occasion giving

If you would like to know more, please speak with your financial advisor.

Meet our Full Time Team

Bob Bahr
Bob is one of our co-directors here at camp (along with his wife Carmen). Bob specifically oversees our site and facilities, whether it be working with the board as new buildings are being built or working with staff and volunteers to upkeep the amazing property we have been blessed with. Bob also works with Carmen in overseeing the growth, development and general operations of camp through out the entire year. He also mentors the male summer staff who join our support team. 

Carmen Bahr
Carmen is one of our co-directors here at camp (along with her husband Bob). Carmen specifically looks over all things personnel / HR. From interviews, references, hiring, and coordinating volunteers for all over camp. She and Bob work together in the growth and development of camp, alongside overseeing the daily operations. Carmen also mentors the female summer staff who join our support team. 

We are blessed to have the Bahrs on our team, working as co-directors, allowing the Lord to use the gifts he has given them both for the work here at Camp Sagitawa



Tassie Perron
Tassie is gifted for directing programs and training the team, but it sure keeps her busy. She also oversees the skills onsite, does camps graphic design work, organizes our social media, and more! In the summer you will likely find her explaining a game, singing a silly song with campers, or belaying climbers at the wall… as long as she’s finished scheduling the team for the week. 

Volunteer for Projects


There are so many opportunities to volunteer, and so many who come and help us in one way or another. We appreciate all.

Some projects cannot be done while camp sessions are in process. Others can.Our Property Chair is responsible to manage camp property projects.

We may have 2-3 ongoing projects at a time. We have three thoughts regarding volunteers.

  • Volunteers may help with basic upkeep as needed – i.e. mowing lawns, stacking firewood, etc.
  • Volunteers may help with current projects – these are prioritized by the Property Committee.
  • Volunteers may offer to begin another project on the condition that they finish what they start and that they do it to camp standard. What is done well is safer and saves on maintenance in future years.

For each of the above, please let us know by contacting the office. We will either provide the information or pass you on to our Property Chair.

Office: sagitawa@xplornet.com or phone: (250) 788-2361

Camp Director: sagitawa.director@xplornet.com


There are many opportunities. Here are just a few ideas of how to get involved.

  • Mow lawns / trim edges
  • Trim hedges / weed flower beds
  • Cut, stack, haul firewood
  • Service motors / other mechanical needs
  • Paint / stain / so many areas
  • Clean gutters / grounds
  • Rake leaves / beach / playground area
  • Do you have a special talent? / i.e. fiberglass and gelcoats
  • Do you have a special trade? / i.e. fixing propane furnaces
  • Fix doors / knobs / faucets
  • Deep clean cabins / dining hall / chapel
  • Help with Office or Kitchen duties
  • Attend a Work Bee
  • Building renovations / i.e. siding or shingling
  • Building construction projects

SEED & Work Crew Programs

How do I apply?

Choose which staff application you are applying for