Outdoor recreation and relational mentoring to connect with each other and the Creator

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At Sagitawa we are committed to caring for people and connecting them with Christ. Through relationships and programs that both challenge and encourage, we pursue personal growth and a deeper connection with our Creator.

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Meet our Full Time Team

Brady Martin
Brady fills our Program Facilitator position. He is responsible to maintain Camp’s edge on the technical side of skills training. He therefore develops the skills training program for our staff so that we can move forward safely with current industry standards in mind. Brady is also responsible for the SWAT Program.
“I get paid to work outside doing the kinds of things that I love.”

Ruthie Martin
Ruthie is our Food Services Coordinator. She makes sure we keep to high standards with an offering of great meals while taking care of ordering, menus, leading a kitchen team. Ruthie enjoys keeping her staff smiling as they work together.
“I have watched Ruthie speak her heart for Christ into lives many times.”

Tassie Perron
Tassie is gifted for directing programs and training the team, but it sure keeps her busy. Tassie also mentors the young women on our leadership team. One of her strongest desires is to see these ladies learn how to walk in Christ’s freedom.
“I want to help the staff grow and feel loved and supported.”

Volunteer for Projects


There are so many opportunities to volunteer, and so many who come and help us in one way or another. We appreciate all.

Some projects cannot be done while camp sessions are in process. Others can.Our Property Chair is responsible to manage camp property projects.

We may have 2-3 ongoing projects at a time. We have three thoughts regarding volunteers.

  • Volunteers may help with basic upkeep as needed – i.e. mowing lawns, stacking firewood, etc.
  • Volunteers may help with current projects – these are prioritized by the Property Committee.
  • Volunteers may offer to begin another project on the condition that they finish what they start and that they do it to camp standard. What is done well is safer and saves on maintenance in future years.

For each of the above, please let us know by contacting the office. We will either provide the information or pass you on to our Property Chair.

Office: sagitawa@xplornet.com or phone: (250) 788-2361

Camp Director: sagitawa.director@xplornet.com


There are many opportunities. Here are just a few ideas of how to get involved.

  • Mow lawns / trim edges
  • Trim hedges / weed flower beds
  • Cut, stack, haul firewood
  • Service motors / other mechanical needs
  • Paint / stain / so many areas
  • Clean gutters / grounds
  • Rake leaves / beach / playground area
  • Do you have a special talent? / i.e. fiberglass and gelcoats
  • Do you have a special trade? / i.e. fixing propane furnaces
  • Fix doors / knobs / faucets
  • Deep clean cabins / dining hall / chapel
  • Help with Office or Kitchen duties
  • Attend a Work Bee
  • Building renovations / i.e. siding or shingling
  • Building construction projects

SEED & Work Crew Programs

How do I apply?

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